The Lilibeth Brow Shaper is Actually One of my Favourite Things


This is actually one of my favourite things from my bundle of Instant Beauty Fix goodies. I see these bad boys over on Instagram all the time and I'd alwayswanted to try one. And honestly it hasn't disappointed, grab one now. Or two.It's a game changer. As well as a brow shaper / general, painless hair removing device of triumph; it's also a dermaplanning tool - which removes dead skin cells to reveal new, glowing skin. And frig me - it works actual wonders!
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You can use this fab fold-away tool to neaten your brows, on ya peach fuzz [face and sideys], upper lip, chin, bikini line, hair line, knuckles, toes, arms, legs, stubble... and anywhere else you sport unwanted hair. It cuts the hair closer to the skin than your bog-standard / regulation razor; for a super close shave andcrazily soft skin. Running it over ya face eliminates that peach fuzz situation and any dead skin; so that your makeup sits better on your skin too. 
I went a bit rogue and did a patch on my leg with it as a test - and honestly, so much dead skin cells must have come off; it looked like a whole new leg when compared to my other pasty looking one. My skin looks younger, more even and clear using this tool - and because it cuts closer to the skin than ya regular razor, it also sorts any ingrown hairs right out10/10 recommend.

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