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Redefine how you rest with the Morning Glamour satin pillowcase collection.

Beauty sleep is not a myth. Getting the recommended quota and quality of nightly zzzz’s is imperative for your skin and hair’s health and wellbeing. Discover the beauty-boosting benefits of sleeping on satin, and get your morning Insta glam in check, with the Morning Glamour satin pillowcase collection.

Each pillowcase in the Morning Glamour collection has been designed to make the most of your shut-eye and promote and maximise the rejuvenating effects that sleep has on the skin and hair. Each pillowcase is non-absorbent (meaning that the oils or facial creams you might apply at night stay on your face instead of being transferred to the pillow), super-durable, machine washable and contains a stay-put pocket flap that also ensures the satin pillowcases will stay in place as you rest, ensuring that you get the full benefits of sleeping on satin. The many benefits include:

  • Decrease Hair Loss - Friction between your hair and a cotton pillowcase can cause hair damage and breakage. Satin pillowcases reduce hair loss by allowing the hair to slide easily across the pillow. There`s no pulling or tugging on hair when sleep, so hair loss and frizz is kept to a minimum. Great for hair extensions and lash extensions. 

  • Clear Your Skin - Satin pillowcases help clear skin and prevent breakouts by keeping your skin free from oil and dirt while providing a gentle, smooth surface that doesn't dry the skin. 

  • Prevent Wrinkles - You know those creases you sometimes wak up with across your face? They can actually cause wrinkles to develop. Studies have shown that sleeping on satin pillowcases can help prevent wrinkles. This is especially important as those "sleep wrinkles" might become more permanent as we age.

You can grab your hands on a Morning Glamour satin pillowcases here. From traditional ivory and black, to leopard and floral, the Morning Glamour collection comes in eight colours and prints (black, ivory, pink, silver, gold, lilac, leopard, floral) as a single  pillowcase or set of two to choose from that’ll complement individual tastes and needs perfectly.

Discover the rest of the Morning Glamour range, beauty sleep is redefined with their satin shower caps and sleep masks. The satin shower caps keep your hair dry and frizz free after your glamorous sleep, keeping your glam hairstyle whilst you shower. 

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